Canada Visa from Middle East

Immigration to Canada from Middle East can help you to settle in the country having the world’s highest standards of living and is the second largest country in the world that supports and advocates a free and democratic society. The Canadian constitution, called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, promises everyone the right to equality, mobility, and freedom of speech, assembly and association.

Canada is a great nation, a place of opportunity, acceptance, and peace of mind. For many years The United Nations ranked Canada in the top countries in the world to live in, as they have a strong economy, and provide national health care for all citizens and permanent residents.

From the quiet inlets of Peggy’s Cove in the east, to Whistler’s Mountain in the west, the plains of the prairies, to the bustle of Montreal and Toronto, there is a richness of geography and a diversity of its people that makes Canada a great place to live.

Citizenship and Immigration assesses immigrants and visitors on values, which do not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, faith, or gender. In addition, the settlement program is universal — applicants from around the world are evaluated based on exactly the same criteria.

Canada is one of the top industrial countries in the world. Its plentiful natural resources supply the raw materials. Agriculture is the main economic activity but industrialization has outdone the land-based economy and established itself well. Industrialization has created a great demand for workers.

Immigration To Canada

The need for professionals and skilled workers encouraged the Canadian government to allow immigration to Canada as a method to fill the void in areas where local residents were unable or unwilling to meet local demand. Canada is often referred to as a cultural mosaic; built by a society that respects and celebrates the cultures of many countries from around the world. In 2006, Statistics Canada, the official Canadian agency that records population data, recorded that 6,186,950 foreign-born people are now living in Canada. Immigration to Canada accounted for virtually one in five, or nearly twenty percent of the total Canadian population, the highest proportion in seventy-five years