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IT Workers – Prioritized Occupations for Canadian Immigration

ME-Consultants is pleased to introduce Part I of our multipart series: Prioritized Occupations for Canadian Immigration. In this series, we will learn about the difference types of work/educational experience that receive significant bonus points towards an application for Canadian Permanent Residence. This particular profile is for applicants with a background in information technology.  Computer/Software Engineers and […]

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canada-IT Salary

What are IT Workers employment prospects like in Canada?

As most things in life, this depends on how much effort you’re willing to put forth. Having a higher level of education and specialized knowledge would help your career chances in Canada. In addition, a strong language proficiency in English or French and a substantial amount of work experience will also be an asset to employment […]

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Nursing Team Canada

Provincial Information and procedures for nursing jobs in Canada

Each province has different procedures and specifications for nurses applying to work in Canada. Consult the table below for province-specific information pertaining to nursing applicants. Canada : +1.647.526.2910 Egypt    : +20100.000.3301 Skype : moustafawd   Or drop us line in:

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