8 Reasons makes you dream to live in Canada:

8 Reasons makes you dream to live in Canada:

Canada represents exceptional model for excellent life measures (as per published report for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD) as per several measures include Housing, household annual income, health, safety, freedom of speech and religious believes Canada took first position between 36 countries 34 organization members in addition to Russia and Brazil.

Unemployment rates in Canada is the least with average of 6.9% and rate and economic growth projections of 2%

Readings in the mentioned report leads to the following facts and figures regarding life quality in Canada:

1- Average of Annual house hold income:

Average of Annual house hold income in Canada is equivalent to 28,194 USD after tax deductions which means 5000 USD above average for OECD 34 Members + Brazil and Russia average annual income though both ends of the earnings spectrum as top 20% of Canadians income is average of 55,718 USD while the average for bottom 20% of Canadians annual income is 10,526 USD which put Canada in ninth rank in house hold income and in seventh rank for house hold wealth.

2- Canadian Community:

Canadians pend average of 2 minutes per day in volunteering which represents half of the average time for the OECD member countries, 64% of the Canadians mentioned in a survey that they helped at least one person within the previous month for the survey also 94% of the surveyed persons admit that they have at least one person they can count on when needed which puts Canada in the seventh rank in support networks availability.

3- Housing:

nine of ten Canadian mentioned they are satisfied with their housing, Canada provides 2.6 rooms per person, which represents higher rate than any other country, 99.8% of the Canadians live in a house with a private washroom with indoor flushing toilet, (The OECD average is 97.8%.) Canada ranked number 24 in ratio of housing costs to income, eighth on basic facilities.

4- Environment:

Canada is better than average on both air pollution and water quality measures. Ranked 14th on pollution and 12th on water quality.


life expectancy in Canada at birth is 81, a full year above the OECD average. And 88% of Canadians say they are in good health. Health spending in this country makes up 11.4% of gross domestic product. (The OECD average is 9.5% of gross domestic product.) We ranked third in health and 17th in life expectancy.

6- Safety:

3% of Canadians said they were assaulted over the one-year period prior to survey. That’s well below the OECD average of 4%. Our homicide rate is less impressive. It’s 1.6%, below the average rate of 2.2%. Canada ranked twentieth on assault rate and 23rd on homicide rate.

7- Work-life balance:

Canadians work an average 1,702 hours per year. Which means 74 hours below the OECD average. When asked if they work more than 50 hours a week, 4% said yes. (The OECD average is 9%.) We ranked ninth on working long hours. The full index is made up of 11 categories. Canada ranked, fourth on student skills, fourth on government transparency and eighth on life satisfaction

8- Freedom levels:

Canada Is not comparable to any other country in freedom of speech and religion Canada is number one in the world and in absorbing immigrants.

All previous side in living in Canada represents core elements in life shows life quality and stability in Canada which makes Canada one of the best countries to live in in the world for families and for singles too.

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