British Columbia PNP

British Columbia is considered to be one of the best provinces to do business, due to it’s unique location and low taxation. Also, the province has an abundance of highly skilled and educated manpower. There are four categories through which to apply for the Business Category in British Columbia.

The first is the Entrepreneur Category. The applicant applying for the Entrepreneur Category can invest in setting up a new business or purchasing an existing business anywhere in British Columbia. The Net Worth requirement to apply for this program is to have personal net worth of a minimum of C$600.000. The applicant should also demonstrate business and/or management experience. The applicant should intend to invest at least C$200.000 in business and create at least 1 new full time job for citizens or residents of Canada.

To qualify for the Strategic Projects category an applicant can open a subsidiary or branch of his existing company based outside Canada. In this new company in British Columbia, the applicant should make a capital investment of a minimum of C$500.000 and create at least 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or residents.

We work alongside trusted partners with 100% success rates when it comes to you investing your money into a trusted project. Not only can we guarantee that the job creation requirement will be met after the conditional period, but we can also go that extra mile by providing you with references from previous successful applicants. Middle East Consultant is dedicated to providing a one to one personal service to ensure the application process is a smooth one.