Canada Immigration trends

Canada Immigration trends

Immigration trends

Apparently immigration flow has changed in the last few years, earlier decades people used to immigrate from low income countries with poor social security system to rich countries. Most of people immigrate for different reasons. These reasons can be classified as economic, social, political or environment.

However recently, in the last few years we observed that, people started to move from rich countries with high income jobs to other countries, people became more conscious and perceive any potentials may interrupt their stable life.

Middle East Consultants’ analyst information has found that the number of people are immigrating from Arab Gulf Region has increased dramatically in the last few years despite the luxuries life; but the changes in the region have a great impact on people from security perspective. The war in the region and low oil price have draw a dark sight for the future, government tight expenses has a great negative effect on employment rate and many businesses have closed.

After Trump has ruled US and his conservative towards immigrants, Canada became the dream land for immigrants. And thousands of Arab Gulf residents have submitted applications in the last two years and many of them have landed recently.

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