Why study in Canada?


Education environment in Canada makes it world top education destination, that friendly environment for international students Canada also embrace 27 of the top world 500 education institutions, and more than 298 College and university with top notch facilities and education processes the education sector in Canada is controlled by state to assure top education results that system is also supported by post study work and immigration options.

Why study in Canada?

Why study in Canada

Safe country to stay and study:

Canada is one of the world safest countries to study and live with your family whatever was your country or your background

Friendly welcoming Environment
Canada is always ranked by UN is one of the most liveable countries in the world due to its religious tolerance and number two in the world in respecting personal rights including  political rights and freedom of speech with least level or crime and violent in the world

Educational system world Recognition
27 Universities in Canada are among top 500 universities In the world

Considerably low tuition fees
one of the big advantages in the Canadian Educational system is low Tuition fees comparing to other world top educational destinations.

High Tech industrial Country
Canada with its globalized economy is one of the world’s top ten trading and industrial nations.

Research and development (R&D) active environment.

Every year More than 240,000 international students and researchers choose to study in Canadian education system each year.

Possibility to Work and Study
Canadian regulations permit International students to work 20 hours a week, both on and off campus, during semester and full-time work hours during vacations. In case student accompany his family his/ her spouse will be allowed to have a full time job during other partner study period, If you’re married, your spouse will be allowed to work full time while you study. For some academic programs also you will be able to have internships or Co-Op work program to gain practical experience.

Employment opportunity In Canada:

Dynamic and strong economy in Canada always strive to hire more and more qualified and educated people the ratio of graduate from Canadian universities who receives jobs related to their education exceeds 90% or graduates in tier first 6 months of graduation. As soon as you accomplish your university study you will be qualified to 1 to 3 years’ post-graduation work permit once your post- graduation work permit is finished you will be able to apply for permanent residency under several categories such as PNP , CEC …, Et.,

CANADA’S Educational system

Educational system in Canada is built in the following pillars:

  • University
  • Colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Career colleges or technical institutes

In Canada bachelor degree consists to three or four years of full-time studies, depending on the province and the nature of the program (regular or specialized program). To get into a master’s program an honours baccalaureate is necessary, which comprises of two years of study. In case of a doctoral program, minimum of three will be required (sometimes five years) of extensive research and study.

Diploma and certification programs can be found which can last for one to two years.

Study and living costs in Canada

Cost of tuition in Canada is lower than its similar world top education destinations (USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand)

Fees range from 8,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD / Year

Cost of living between 1,250 and 1,550 CAD / Month

work chances

During your study period you will be qualified for work permit of 20 hours per week either in campus of off campus during semester time and full time job during vacation. After you finish your graduation you will be eligible to post-graduate work permit (varies between 1 to 3 years as depends in your graduation speciality and duration of your course) once you finish your post-graduation work permit time you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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