Work while you study in Canada

Work and study in Canada

 One of the good sides in studying in Canada for international students is the possibility to work in/off campus during their studying in Canada, though studying in Canada requires to have sufficient amount of money for studying and for living expenses, international students still have the option to work while study in Canada

Foreign students is authorized to work off-campus without obtaining a work permit for 20 hours off campus per week during the academic semester and full time employment during academic breaks.

When you become a student in Canada in one of the DLI (Designated learning institutions) in full time academic, vocational or professional training programs with one of the designated learning institutions (DLI’s) will be eligible for:

  • To work off-Campus without having work permit
  • To work off campus for up to 20 hours per week during regular academic school sessions and to work full time during scheduled academic breaks.
  • To work immediately upon qualifying for the study permit. ( without need to wait for six months as per previous system was applied)

* International students who’s studying in Canada should be still registered at designated learning institution (DLI) and must obtain a Social insurance number from the Canadian government (Service Canada)

* Off Campus work is related to your study permit requirements in order to be able to continue qualified for work off-campus

* For students participating in English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL) or general interest course. (Courses are taken for interest rather than for academic reasons). You will need a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – Should be requested by the employer from Canadian government.

* Work eligibility off campus is student’s responsibility to confirm, any failure in that appropriately prior to start work will lead to prosecution and fines for both the offending employer and employee

* Co-op and intern work permits: Co-Op and intern work permits is available to student who’s their studying program incorporate a co-op or internship employment at a secondary school or any other provincial or territorial government. co-op or internship cannot exceed 50% of the total study program

 * Implied Status vis-à-vis Post-Graduation Work Permit:  upon completion of study program. Students who applied to post-graduation work permit it is permitted to maintain a full time employment while awaiting for decision to be taken in their application.

* Spouse of international student: international student spouse or common law partner may be eligible to apply for study work permit or even open work permit. The open work permit duration will be valid with the same duration as for her/his spouse’s study permit.

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